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GAZA, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Gaza driving school owner Adham Mushtaha had no choice but to employ two female teachers after the Hamas government imposed a new regulation that a male teacher cannot sit in a car with a female student alone.

Imposed last week, the rule said that a female student must have a companion in the car when learning driving from a male teacher. Otherwise, the teacher must be female.

Owners of the driving schools said police officers of the Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza warned them that they have to abide by the order, otherwise, they will be held accountable. Before this decision puma rihanna rosa , women and men were alike in learning driving and getting a driving license.

Mushtaha told Xinhua that after he received the order, he decided to assign two female driving teachers at his school, only to teach female student who can't come to the school with a companion or a first-degree relative.

There are 56 driving schools for both men and women in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of 1.9 million. However, over the past two years, schools owners said the number of women asking for driving licenses increased to 20 percent.

Mushtaha puma rihanna velvet creeper , who has 13 male teachers and two females now, said that the Hamas decision caused confusion at work and also was a big burden as the number of female students has recently increased. He said his school has no choice but isolates men from women. "They are not mixed," he said.

Hamas has been ruling the Gaza Strip since the summer of 2007, when the Islamic movement violently seized control of it following weeks of internal fighting with the security forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party.

Hamas adopts moderate Islamic principles that are part of the Islamic Sharia law. At the same time it adopts the principles of the armed resistance to liberate the territories occupied by Israel. it rejects to recognize Israel or sign a peace agreement with it.

Since then, Hamas has been trying to impose the rules of Islamic Sharia on the populations, mainly on females such as obliging all women to wear the Hijab puma rihanna bianche , or the scarf, at schools and courts. Also, females are not allowed to go alone to cafes for smoking Shisha, the Arabic for waterpipe.

The Hamas decision was criticized by both driving school teachers and female students.

"Because of the decision, we were obliged to change our schedule in a way that fits women. So we take two or three females in each car for each lesson, only in case the teacher is male puma rihanna nere e oro , to avoid any troubles with the police," said Mushtaha, adding "but when the teacher is female, only one female student goes with her."

Aala'a al-Hindi, a female student at Mushtaha's school, told Xinhua that she was annoyed when she heard about the Hamas decision. "I can't bring with me a companion each time I want to get a driving lesson puma rihanna nere punta oro ," she said.

"The decision limits our public freedom. Having a companion is not reasonable and not available all the time because my father or my brother can't leave their work and come with me for every driving lesson," she said, adding "I'm an adult and I can defend myself if anything goes wrong."

According to Aala'a and other female students, there had never been such restrictions in Gaza before. "This decision is stupid, and adds more pressure on the populations, who are basically under the pressure of the hard living conditions puma rihanna saldi ," said Aala'a.

Mahmoud Sha'ban, a teacher in a Gaza driving school told Xinhua that this week he was brutalized by Hamas police officers at a main street in Gaza city when they stopped him because he was alone in the car with a female student.

"Several teachers received warnings from the police, others were put under moral and behavior check and some were fired from their jobs and were questioned," said Sha'ban, adding that "everyday, the police comes up with new decisions that make our life more complicated."

However nike air force 1 bianche e blu , Khalil Zayyan, head of the office of driving schools affairs in the Hamas-run Ministry of Transport defended the decision.

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